Erik's trip to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore June and July, 2014

June 22 Sunday New York City, NY
Day 5

It's Erik's 12th birthday! We celebrated by going to the Statue of Liberty along with Erik's older cousin Aron.
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Ellis Island, where many of our ancestors were processed when they immigrated to the USA

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part of the New York City skyline — missing the twin towers which were destroyed by terrorists on September 11, 2001

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Aron and Erik

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Aron and Erik

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Grandma Martha, Erik, and Grandpa Arthur

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In the harbor there were some gorgeous old sailing ships along with all the modern ships

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Arthur, Erik, and Aron on the observation deck

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Arthur, Erik, and Martha

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an aircraft carrier in port

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Aron, Erik, Arthur, and Martha walking the streets of New York

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Erik (left) and Aron (above) in front of the NYC Math Museum

Then we went to the new Math Museum, which proved to be everyone's first choice as the highlight of the entire trip.
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Erik spins on the double wheel to make string figures

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etched geometric figures

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Erik rides a square-wheeled tricycle

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figures visitors have made using the 3-D printer

floor "-1" (the entry floor is called floor "0"

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