Erik's trip to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore June and July, 2014

June 21 Saturday New York City, NY
Day 4

We drove into the Boston Train Station, but ditzy grandma Martha forgot her camera, so Gillian and Nick had to drive it to the train station before the train took off!
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We're in the Big Apple!

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Erik and Arthur on the Acela fast train to New York

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as soon as we deposited our luggage at the hotel, where we were joined by Aron, who is working in NYC for the summer, we rushed over to the Empire State Building for a scheduled tour

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the views were wonderful

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Arthur, Erik, and Aron on the observation deck

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Arthur, Erik, and Martha

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an aircraft carrier in port

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we went out for dinner at a Tapas place recommended by Aron's boss