Erik's trip to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore June and July, 2014

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The Russell House Office Building

July 3 Thursday — International Spy Museum and the Smithsonian
Day 16

We went to the International Spy Museum in DC. When we arrived we were given new identities, cover stories, and a mission, which we had to memorize. We were quizzed later on about our identities and cover stories. If we passed the quiz, we were allowed to try to complete our mission. Grandma Martha made it and completed her mission, but Erik and Grandpa Arthur both failed and were caught.
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Grandma Martha's identity

After the Spy Museum we dropped by the National Sculpture garden to see some of the sculptures.
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Grandma Martha's mission

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Claes Oldenburg's Typewriter Eraser

After the sculpture garden we went over to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and visited their "Hall of Man".

Roxy Paine's Graft
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the Smithsonian had an app that morphed you into a neanderthal or other ancient ancestor
here is Grandpa Arthur morphed into a neanderthal (wearing glasses!)

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Erik accepts a gift from a neanderthal

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here is Erik morphed into a neanderthal

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the main entrance of the Smithsonian

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here is Erik morphed into a neanderthal

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early tools

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note of Erik morphed into a neanderthal

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Erik in his outsized 3-D glasses