Lincoln's 75th Birthday Party

Celebrated on August 9, 2014 so people wouldn't have to fight the bitter cold of a January 1st day in Madison, Wisconsin

Thursday, August 7, 2014 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We met up with Mia, Deirdre, Gillian, and Nick in Chicago, and rented two cars to get to Madison. On the way we made a stop at the Milwaukee Art Museum to take in a Kandinsky show. The show was fine, but the architecture of the place was terrific!
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The building sported flying wings, pedestrian bridges, wonderful natural light. It also had a line of pink fountains. I'm not sure whether the pink was just in honor of Kandinsky or whether it was a permanent feature.

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Arthur, Deirdre, Martha,Nick, Gillian, and Mia in the entry rotunda of the building

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Deirdre playing with the pink fountain

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Gihouli glass installation

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We were not allowed to photograph items in the exhibit, but here are some Kandinskys that I pulled off the web

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the string of pink fountains stretched all across the grounds

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the building as seen from the front entrance

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with each end terminating in a huge fountain

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Milwaukee's Miller Park baseball stadium

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