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9/8/08 from Bucharest to Constanta, Romania, and boarding our boat

Suitcases had to be out this morning at 8am. Then another yummy breakfast at the hotel. We then had some free time until 11:15am. Arthur and I went back to the internet cafe and got a message from Gwen in Prague. Then Arthur went to see if he could buy a map and CD from a bookstore, and Janet and I went to the gym attached to the hotel. Aarghhh. A quick shower to wash off the salt, and off on buses to our lunch restaurant, Casa Iancului on Strada Sarafinesti #2. We were joined there by Marita and Clarence McClymond.

The Roma (the gypsies) came from India in the 10th century. They were kicked out of the Scandinavian countries, but were more tolerated in eastern Europe. Since the 1989 revolution, the Romas have become less integrated in the local countries. The Romas are keeping their kids away from school. (Gwen Albert says this is because the Roma kids are harassed in schools, and the schools tolerate the harassment.) The Romas also don't pay much in taxes, and maintain a separate under -the-counter economy, which causes resentment.

We are now driving to the east - to Constanta - which is on the Black Sea, and where we will board our boat. We are passing mile after mile of dry - very dry - farmland. We've seen dry corn fields and wheat fields, and even a cotton field and crows.

Bucharest, Romania: The Romanian Atheneum
As we were leaving Bucharest we saw a funny ad on the wall of a building
on the way from Bucharest, Romania to Constanta, Romania on the Black Sea
settlements and dry farmland on the way from Bucharest, Romania to Constanta, Romania on the Black Sea
Constanta, Romania:
P1000337.JPG P1000338.JPG
P1000339.JPG P1000342.JPG
Constanta, Romania:
Constanta, Romania: port on the Black Sea
on the SS River Adagio in Constanta, Romania: Marita McClymond
Clarence McClymond
Janet Maestre
Marcos Maestre
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