July 10, 2016 Sunday: Redwoods

We drove from Myers Flat to Eureka. On the way we went to Founders’ Grove and walked around it. Then we checked out the Avenue of the Giants Visitors Center and watched a movie about the redwoods. Back to the Founders Grove because Martha had left her purse on a log when the Ranger took out picture.

Anika's Notes

Had breakfast then started driving to the Founders Grove, At Founders Grove we hiked the trails and saw a lot of trees that fell down a long time ago.  Driving through the drive through tree was very cool and I got to stand in the car too! There were little houses that were very cute and I got a cool picture of me in one, the stairs hurt like heck to get up though. Roaming around The Founders Grove then driving to the hotel (Holiday Inn). Hung out with Steph at cool restaurant by the docks and saw her house.

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Anika near a fallen giant

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Anika and Arthur at a redwood

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Anika climbs on a fallen giant

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Anika inside a living hollow redwood

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a cathedral of giants

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Anika and Arthur in front of the roots of a fallen giant

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Martha, Arthur, and Anika at the Founder's Tree

Then we queued up to drive through the drive-through redwood tree. Some cars couldn’t make it because of height or width problems, but our Subaru did OK.
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Anika climbed into a couple of hollowed out redwood tree houses.
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July 10, 2016 — Eureka and Steph

Off to Eureka. We stayed at a motel until 4PM when Steph Brainard could join us. Early dinner at a restaurant on the Eureka Marina. Then we walked out on the Marina and saw an interesting research boat. Steph gave Martha some tips on improving her breathing. We all drove to Steph’s house where we met Rodeo, her pooch. The house was marvelously eclectic, with a great bay window, garden, and multiple fish tanks. Then Steph took us on a tour of some of the Big Art around Eureka, which is home to many artists.
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Arthur, Steph, Anika, and Martha at the Eureka Marina

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Anika and Steph do a selfie

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Arthur, Steph, and Anika in front of the Coral Sea research ship

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Eureka Victorian

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an example of Eureka's Big Art

a troupe l'oeil painted house

Back at the motel, Anika and Martha played cards (casino). The motel had a nice swimming pool and spa, but we were too late to use it. Anika did get to try out some of the fitness machines while we were waiting for Steph. That evening we made plans for Steph to pick up Anika in the morning, and then we’d meet again at noon at Steph’s house to all drive up to the Trees of Mystery together.