7/9/2016 Saturday: Skunk Train

We’re off! We drove up the beautiful California coast to Fort Bragg, where we rode the Skunk Train. The Skunk Train is a steam train and gets its name from the stinky steam mixed with exhaust from the burners.
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older version of the skunk train

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scenes along the way

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7/9/2016 Saturday: Mendocino Botanical Gardens

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Then we went to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens just south of Fort Bragg. Anika and Arthur ventured farther than Martha could go, but all took some beautiful photos of flowers in the Gardens.
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California Poppies

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Pacific Ocean

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On we drove to the Redwoods, and to the Myers Country Inn where we were staying in Myers Flat. Its proprietor, Matt, was a wonderful character who was running the place all on his own and was a busy single father to boot.

Anika's Notes

Woke up to pack. Had breakfast. Started driving to our Hotel. Drove to the Gardens and the through the Ave Of the Giants.

(What Actually happened), We drove to the hotel then we are dinner at Ave. Café.

(What I saw happen), We had to stay in the woods because our hotel burnt down. Then a Bear wearing pink and white polka dots attacked us! After that mess the trees attacked us but some of the trees didn't. A guy came and chopped all the bad ones away but the good ones stayed for a tea party. They didn't have pinkies so they got kicked out. We all had a good night sleep after that.